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TATTOO consultations


A free consultation is required to schedule your tattoo appointment.

I am officially CLOSING MY BOOKS and I will not be taking NEW consults until sometime in 2023, but I am honoring and scheduling anyone who has already scheduled a consult. 

If you have a GIFT CARD already purchased but your have not been scheduled, please contact me using the contact form so that we can get you scheduled. 

Our student @jazy_tatts is still accepting consults and will be booking clients based on complexity, location, design elements, etc as she works to complete her required student tattoos. 

Please note, student scheduling is based on educational requirements and the student’s skill and comfort level, so it’s possible that some requests may be declined or postponed. 

Feel free to email us or reach out utilizing the contact form on our website if you have any questions. 
If you choose to book a tattoo appointment at your consultation, we collect a $60 (cash only) non-refundable deposit. The deposit will go towards the cost of your tattoo.

Please visit our
FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions!
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