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Tattoo School

Start a career as a tattoo artist

Real Eye Zing Art Tattoo School prepares you for a career in the tattoo industry! My school focuses on teaching up-to-date and practical material while honing your artistic skills. Students receive in-depth personal training that prepares them to operate safely and confidently as tattoo artists. Course work, practice tattoos, and hours meet the state of Oregon requirements to obtain a certificate in Body Art Practitioner and prepare you for your license exam. Limited enrollments are available every year. Contact me for details.

To learn more about Oregon's requirements to become a tattoo artist visit the Oregon Health Authority website.


Tattoo School Cost

Total tuition is $10,000 plus supplies and materials. See the enrollment agreement form for details and payment options.

All forms are downloadable PDF files

Contact Us

Questions about booking apointments through this form will not be answered. Please use our Book a Consultation page for scheduling appointments. Thanks for understanding.

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