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Body piercing is available on-site at Real Eye Zing Art

Book your body piercing appointment with Stephanie today. Stephanie is highly trained and friendly and will provide you with an enjoyable piercing experience in a clean and fun environment. She can even help you find that perfect new piercing or piece of jewelry.
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Stephanie's Body Piercing Work

Piercing Forms

Body Piercing Pricing

All piercing prices include jewelry. If you have sensitive skin, we may suggest an upgrade to titanium jewelry for $15. 

One Ear Lobe: $30
Two Earlobes: $60
Conch: $60
Rook: $60
Daith: $60
Eyebrow: $60
Helix: $60
Industrial: $75

Navel: $60

One Nipple: $60
Two Nipples: $120
Nostril: $60
Septum: $60
Tragus: $60
Bridge: $75
Tongue: $60
Lip (Not Ashley): $60
Monroe: $60
Medusa: $60
Labret: $60
Vertical Labret: $75
Dermal: $75
Smiley: $100

Piercing Age Limitations

Ear lobes only - 8 years old
Soft tissue body and face - 13 years old
Cartilage - 16 years old
Nipples - 18 years old
Piercing Pricing
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