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We have answers to all of your tattoo and piercing questions!

  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Forty-eight (48) hour notice of cancellation or reschedule is required. Less than forty-eight (48) hour notice will forfeit your deposit.​ A new $60 cash deposit will be required to reschedule your appointment.​ An exception may be made for clients who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 within the forty-eight (48) hour period. If you are sick, you must notify the studio immediately, do not wait until the last minute.​ We require you to reschedule your appointment for the following reasons, please ensure your reschedule more than forty-eight (48) hours in advance to keep your deposit. Exposure to COVID or cold or flu symptoms within two (2) weeks prior to your appointment. For example, if your appointment is on the tenth and you have the flu on the first, you must reschedule. If anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID or has cold or flu symptoms within two (2) weeks prior to your appointment. If you have received a COVID vaccine or booster within two (2) weeks prior to your appointment.
  • How much does a tattoo cost?
    Tattoos are priced based on size, location, complexity, and quality of the skin, with a shop minimum of $80. Larger tattoos are $125 per hour. Please note: Real Eye Zing Art accepts cash only, we have an ATM on site for your convenience.
  • How much does piercing cost?
    Here is our price list current as of April 2023 (pricing subject to change without notice) One Ear Lobe: $30 Two Earlobes: $60 Conch: $60 Rook: $60 Daith: $60 Eyebrow: $60 Helix: $60 Industrial: $75 Navel: $60 One Nipple: $60 Two Nipples: $120 Nostril: $60 Septum: $60 Tragus: $60 Bridge: $75 Tongue: $60 Lip (Not Ashley): $60 Monroe: $60 Medusa: $60 Labret: $60 Vertical Labret: $75 Dermal: $75 Smiley: $100 Please note: Real Eye Zing Art accepts cash only, we have an ATM on site for your convenience.
  • How old do I need to be to get a tattoo or piercing?
    You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo. It is against the law and can cause us to lose our license to tattoo anyone under 18, even with parental consent. This rule is set by the Oregon Department of Health. As Columbia County's premier tattoo studio, we do everything by the books! Your safety and our livelihood are important to us. Current, valid photo ID is required for proof of age. Piercing age requirements: Ear lobes only- 8 years Soft tissue body and face- 13 years Cartilage- 16 years Nipples- 18 years
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    Yes. Appointments are required for all services at Real Eye Zing Art.
  • Do you offer free consultations?
    Yes! We require a consultation. If you choose to book a tattoo appointment at your consultation, we collect a $60 (cash only) non-refundable deposit. The deposit will go towards your tattoo. Book your consultation here.
  • Can I bring someone with me for my tattoo?
    Unfortunately, at this time, COVID guidelines prevent us from allowing guests or family members at your appointment. Tattoos are performed in private rooms. Our lobby is also closed and can not be utilized as a waiting room.
  • What can I expect at my tattoo appointment?
    Please arrive at your designated appointment time. With COVID cleaning and social distancing in mind, we schedule “clean time” between clients and can not bring you in early. Please call from outside. It is recommended that you remain in your vehicle (if able) until you are brought in. We will open the door for you when we are ready to bring you in. Please wear a mask, be prepared to wash and sanitize your hands, and have your ID ready to complete your paperwork (or bring your completed paperwork). All paperwork, tattoo procedures, and aftercare are performed in private rooms.
  • I don't know exactly what I want, can you help me?
    Absolutely! Schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your ideas and offer input. It helps to have many references in mind so that we can create you a custom piece that fits YOU.
  • Can you fix my poor quality tattoo?
    We sure hope so! Most tattoos can be re-worked or covered up. However, sometimes scar tissue has formed (we're looking at you drunken tattoo your roommate gave you in college), or the ink has traveled further in the skin, making it difficult to cover. Schedule a consultation, and we can go from there.
  • Do you do tattoo cover-ups?
    All the time! Check out our social media and look for the #coverup to see some examples.
  • If I am under 18 can I get a tattoo with parental consent?
    Unfortunately no. Oregon laws on Tattooing prohibit the act of tattooing persons under the age of 18. As Columbia County's premier tattoo studio, we do everything by the books! Your safety and our livelihood are important to us. Current, valid photo ID is required for proof of age.
  • What should I wear to get tattooed?
    Please wear comfortable, loose clothing, with plenty of layers! Prepare for a range of temperatures, as everyone reacts differently to getting a tattoo. Please keep in mind of WHERE your tattoo will be going. We will need complete access to the area, and any clothing near by is at risk for staining by the tattoo ink.
  • Do you tattoo hands and feet?
    Yes we do! However, there are certain locations on the hands and feet that do not hold pigment well. Please have a detailed conversation with your artist prior to scheduling if you are considering getting a tattoo in one of these locations.
  • How do I care for my new tattoo?
    We have a guide just for that! Click here to check it out.
  • What are acceptable forms of ID?
    State guidelines require that we take a copy of a state or government issued Photo ID at the time of service. This ID must contain the following: Photo Full Name Date of birth Issue Date Expiration date (that has not passed) Due to Federal Laws, we can not accept military ID for this purpose. Some examples of acceptable ID: Drivers License State Identification Card Passport Concealed Carry License
  • How do I care for my new piercing?
    Always wash your hands with soap and water prior to tending to your new piercing. Dry hands using clean paper towels. During healing, you may experience some bleeding, localized swelling, tenderness, bruising, discoloration, itching, and secretion of whitish-yellow fluid (not pus). Some crust may form around the jewelry as it heals. DO NOT pick at the crusted matter. It should come off easily during routine cleansing. Piercings heal from the outside inward, and may appear healed before healing is complete. Be patient. Maintain clean, comfortable bedding and clothing. Tighten the jewelry often! Cleaning, talking, or daily wear may cause the tops of your jewelry to come loose. This is especially true for horse shoe jewelry. Cleaning Instructions: • Soak the pierced area with saline solution or a liquid antimicrobial cleanser 2-3 times daily (Or more often for comfort or to remove crusting). • If you do not have access to sterile saline, you can mix 1⁄4 non-iodized sea salt to 8 oz warm distilled or bottled water (DO NOT use tap water) • DO NOT use ANY product marked “for external use only” including, but not limited to: Rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Betadine, Hibiclens, lidocaine, or triple antibiotic ointment. • It may be easier to apply the cleaning solution using a saturated sterile gauze. • Dry the piercing area with sterile gauze or q-tips. Do NOT use cloth towels! • A daily shower is OK. You may use clear liquid soap and rinse thoroughly. • Use the cleaning solution for the ENTIRE healing time, even if the piercing appears fully healed. Avoid the following during healing: • Undue trauma or playing with the piercing. • Oral contact, rough play, or contact with other people’s body fluids. • Submerging the piercing in bodies of water such as lakes, pools, hot tubs, jacuzzi’s, etc. • Beauty and personal care products such as cosmetics, lotions, body sprays, etc. on or near the piercing. • Contact your piercer if you suspect that your piercing might be infected. Continued on next page Estimated Heal Times: • Earlobe: 4-8 weeks • Ear Cartilage: 6-12 months • Eyebrow: 10-12 weeks • Lip: 10-12 weeks • Navel: 6-9 months • Nipple: 6-9 months • Nostril: 10-12 weeks • Septum: 6-8 weeks • Tongue: 4+ weeks • Dermal: 6-9 months Heal times are approximate, based on the average time of healing. Human bodies are highly individual and healing times can vary greatly. Heal times are not guaranteed and may be complicated by certain medical conditions. Special Considerations: • Ear cartilage: This area is prone to developing “piercing bumps” on them. Make sure to rinse jewelry and ear after shampooing or using styling products to remove any residue. • Nostril/Nose: Use cleaning solution INSIDE and OUT, applying with a q-tip. Try to avoid moving the jewelry as much as possible while cleaning. • Tongue: Use an alcohol-free antiseptic mouth wash 2-4 times a day. Most people experience swelling for 3-5 days. DO NOT stick your tongue out past your teeth for the first week. Drinking alcohol in any quantities may increase swelling and is not advised during the first week or two. No kissing or oral contact until fully healed. The jewelry you are started with will be LONGER than normal to accommodate swelling. Downsize jewelry after piercing is fully healed. • Labret/Lip: Use cleansing solution on the outside, and alcohol-free mouthwash on the inside 2-4 times a day. The disc on the inside may imbed slightly. This is normal. Do not allow skin to grow over the disc. If this appears to be happening, see your piercer as soon as possible. Downsize the jewelry after 3-4 weeks. • Naval/Dermal: Expect some redness around the edges for a couple of months. This is normal. Avoid wearing tight clothing or clothing that will rub or press on the jewelry. • Nipples: No oral contact until fully healed. This piercing can produce “crusties” for a year or more. This is normal. During the first few days many women find that wearing a sports bra at night helps with soreness. Many men find that wearing a tight fitting cotton tank top at night helps with soreness.
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